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My name is Janet Carlson and my college degree and career were in fashion design within the Miami garment industry. Along the way, I’ve been quilting since high school. In September of 2005, I returned to school to begin the mid-life career change into graphic design. It wasn’t until I was refreshing my fashion illustration skills by taking life drawing classes in a local art gallery in 2011 that I began creating digital paper collage. This collection is a juxtaposition where fashion design and quilting meet up with Adobe Photoshop.  In 2015 I've taken it one step further, expanding my education online through the Textile Design Lab, to include textile design to my portfolio.

Aquamarine Studio is a registered business since January 2009
Broward County Florida business license #275-4299.
Town of Davie Florida business license #31021


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Janet Carlson

Graphic design resume
Graphic design resume