Graphic Design Services

 Working in Fort Lauderdale Florida, in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, I am a freelance graphic designer. My specialty is printing, packaging and publishing. What sets me apart from my competition is my message tends to be clean and clear. I'm not rushing through your job; what I offer is that personal attention and creative thought necessary to capture that perfect message. I'm a 2008 graduate of McFatter Printing & Graphic Arts, so I understand what it takes for my files to be well organized and print ready. My monitor is color calibrated with Color Munki Display, so your color story is accurate.

Men's Board Shorts

 Textile design was always on the back burner of my imagination, but I needed the skills and courage to step forward into it. I'm now a graduate of Pattern Observer Textile Design Lab, so I understand what it takes for my files to be vector, raster, color separated and in repeat.


From there I came full circle back to fashion design, this time designing my own textile designs. With access to low minimums and a sublimation facility in Miami, I found that I could showcase my textile designs on my own line of board shorts.


I’m most interested in swim wear for men. My signature look could best be described as coastal and tropical. Because of my valuable experience with border and engineered panel prints while working as a fashion designer, I’m designing within this area of expertise.

Textile Design

My background is a fashion design degree with 25 years experience in the Miami garment industry. In 2005 I returned to school to study graphic design. In 2016 I  completed my on-line training with the Textile Design Lab with The Pattern Observer.


My fashion design experience was extensive with utilizing borders and panels in women's wear. I'm also experienced as a pattern maker in children's swimwear. Because I'm located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, I'm immersed in tropical colors. My target market is the swimwear/ active wear/ sleepwear markets for men, women and children.

Digital Paper Collage

 Feel free to browse my digital paper collage collection. They are sold in the USA and Australia within the home decor and gift market.